About Me

Im Pradyumna Sampath , doing my Engeneering (trying to rather ) in BMSCE  ,bangalore,India. Did my schooling in Vijaya High School and my Pre-University at Jain College.

My Interests...

Linux :
I happen to be a major fan of the open source movement. Obviously Im talking about Linux . Im quite active in my Local LUG.I am also active in other LUGs like the LUG in Shimoga JLUG .I have a lot of friends thro the LUGs and unfortunately I havent met many of them .I recently had the opportunity to meet most of these guys in LB/2001.Now whats that? ..The LINUX BANGALORE/2001 as oraganised here and . I was one of the people running around , and making sure everything went off well. It was great fun. Held during 10- 12 December.... It was one of its kind.Overflowing halls.Here is the picture , the final one of LB/2001.
and extemely enthusiastic crowd. The people I met .... oh thats a long list ..
Most of them were quite popular on the lists .. . Ravi Pratap M (rpm) , V S Somasundaram (from the Chennai LUG) and many more...
I was one of the speakers at this event.My topic was essentially for newbies. It was titled "Beyond the Install" . If you are intersted you can check out the slides.. here. Shortly there is going to be LB/2002.Preparations have come to a feverish pace.Im preparing for a talk on PHP this time..Maybe.

Well my other intersts include music . Im a big big fan of Metallica ,GNR .,etc... Songs hmmm "Nothing Else matters " happens to be my anthem and there is "The Unforgiven" ,the evergreen "November Rain" .Some other groups I listen to are Def Leppard , Enigma .I just hate Backstreet Boyz and all the boy and girl bands.
Of late I have been into heavy metal a lot.I had been to this rock show in Bangalore called "Rock for Peace" It was really good.I heard this Band called Sceptre and Rundra.Actually these Indian bands are quite good.Rudra was great.Plan to buy a CD of theirs.

I also have this passion for anything man made and airborne (in other words aircrafts). Had been to the airshows held here in both 1998 and 2001.It was called AeroIndia2001 I was also one of the people selected to undergo a flying orientation camp conducted in NAL in 1997 .That was one experience which Ill never for forget . There I met Mr Wng Cmdr P Ashok and Yogendra Urs (Yogi) .They were my guides during the program.

Books :
I read ... ok for those who know me .. this must be surprising.. . I love to read. Here are some of the books I have read..
Weapons Of Peace (Raj Chengappa)
Malgudi Days, Financial Adviser , Bachelor Of Arts , Swami and Friends ( R K Narayan , he is my favourite author).
Wings Of Fire.
Im now reading "Adolf Hitler" - John Toland.

Trekking  and Travelling :
Trekking is another one of my hobbies. In the summer of 1997 I had attended an Adventure Course (58th) in The Nehru Institute Of Mountaieering ,Uttarkashi . This is an institute in the foothills of the Himalayas. This was another one of my unforgettable expriences. I have travelled a lot of places (Within the nation ,of course). I have an aim of visitng most of the famous places in the country before I finish my course. Here are the details of my travels . After 1st sem I had been to Hyderabad and calcutta . After sem 2 had been to Delhi and Lucknow.
Ok all u guys envy me.After 4th sem I had been to Delhi,Jaipur,Bombay,Sariska and all those beautiful places.This was 3 months ago.What a time I had.In Bombay I was joined by ladi and panna.We just freaked out like hell !!!