Gaim LJ Plugin.
This is a Plugin I wrote for Gaim myself.Before anything else let me warn you that it is quite buggy.You are free to use and modify it.Id be glad if you could let me know that you have used/modified it.This was made with the intention of relieving people the trouble of opening another client to post on to their journals.You can download it HERE.

Simple PHP Guestbook code.
I would have loved to have a guestbook with a mysql backend .But unfortunately it costs money.Thus the need for a simple guestbook code for a low traffic site such as mine is HERE.Check it out.

I use a p3 933,128MB ram machine at home.I use the basic RH configuration but actually its a mixture of many distros.I use the GNOME Desktop Environment.Ive been doing some development also on Gnome and I believe its the best.I use GNOME 2.0.U can take a look at some screenshots.

This is a tiny piece of PHP code that I have written to Embed PHP into my homepage.You may use it at ur own risk here it is EmbedUrJournal

Linux Bangalore/2001
I gave a talk at Linux Bangalore 2001 held at JN Tata Auditorium IISC(Indian Institute Of Science). .My slides have been put uphere for download. Check them out. Guys and Gals please let me know what I can add to this and also any suggestions you have .You can also contact me if you have any questions or anything.Feel free to mail me email : prady at prady dot net

RMS's Talk at IISc
This is not exactly about Linux but generally about free software and the GNU movement. I had been to the Richard Stallmans talk yesterday and I have put up the gist of the talk here.

Talk at BMSLUG
This is the talk I gave at BMSLUG.Check them out:
- My Talk - What is Linux ?
- Guru's Talk - Comparison

Linux Bangalore/2002
LB/2002 was a great success and I was proud to be a part of the whole conference.From last years modest(relatively) beginning, its truly become a world class event now.For more info go here here.I was one of the speakers there.

- Slides of LB/2002

There is more to come on this page , shortly .. so keep visiting me.