My Friends
Pranav (sony)
Ashwin N
Mahendra M
Atul Chitnis
Tarique Sani
Kalyan aka Kallu
Sushma Iyengar


I live in Bangalore with My parents and my sister.This is my immediate family.MyDad is a Management consultant.We all have a great time together.We all share 2 common qualitys , travelling and the love for water.We have been on many holidays together... boy !! was that fun... we've been to Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Goa, Trivandrum , Bombay , Pondicherry and a lot more places.My sister was very young and I dont think she remembers most of those trips.She is now in class 8 and she is a good classical Bharathnatyam Dancer and I am her official photographer LOL :-) .

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My family extends beyond this.I have a large number of cousins.On the first floor of the house I live in, my uncle,aunt and 2 cousins live.We have a great time together.I have a 2 cousins who are studying in Australia.... We all meet on a number of occasions and have a lot of fun.


I have a lot of them .. . innumerable.. Ill try to name some but .. its real hard.
School pals , doesnt exacly mean from school.It means friends for a looong time now.
Sunil Prasad alias penda (in NIE ,Mysore) , Chetan C J (aka Ceejayp)[In NDA ,Pune], Shravya (DSCE ,Bangalore) , Rakhi (Rock) etc ...

In college
There is Pratik Mehra (mr Isolated System).. in my class.. ., then Soumik Saha (Soho alias Horizontal).I stayed in this chaps house in Calcutta . Mayank Sinha (wabbit) he was my host in Delhi ,Anubhav Gupta .. my host in Lucknow. Also there is Mukul Samtani (sam) , Niyathi Tandon alias Tondonian .. . many many more... (Ill keep adding to this List for sometime)
Looks like its time to add edit , trim etc my friends list.
The addition here is

By far the liveliest girl I have ever come across in the last 21 years on planet earth.I spend 3 action packed days with her in Chennai.She was my host and he did an awsome job.Her energy and Enthusiasm till the last minute(literally) had be totally zapped.

2.Mama alias Zafar

Ive got to know Mama well only in the past 1 year or so.The dude has turned out to be a really close pal now.Keywords .. Cheerful, Mental , funloving, group guy.. etc.So much more to write ...